Introducing Roseville Pottery

Introducing Roseville Pottery
Revised 2nd Ed. of this BEST-SELLING Reference Book!
All 132 Roseville lines illustrated in crisp color photos!

Available for purchase on Amazon and the Schiffer website, or meet me in person at a show.

“Bassett’s comprehensive presentation of Roseville pottery is exemplary. If you are a novice collector of Roseville, this is a wonderful place to start your research and indulge your enthusiasm… Presented beautifully… Written assuredly and with a teacher’s touch… Highly recommended.”
–Maine Antique Digest, February 2000
“Each pottery line is included in this scholarly look at the long-lived company… With additional text devoted to pottery collectors’ etiquette and ethics, condition, experimental and trial glazes, tips for identifying Roseville, a timeline of Roseville products, factory marks and artist signatures, as well as reproductions, fakes and fantasy pieces, this book appears to have it all.”
–Antique Week, March 6, 2000

(for sample pages from the 2nd edition, visit the NEW EDITION link)
Values for 2002-2003  (in many cases, not terribly different than those for 2019-2020)
Now uses the correct Roseville term used for 1000’s of shapes!–a finding first reported in Bassett’s Roseville Prices (2000)
Over 20 new color photos added (with values)
Newly documented shape numbers added throughout
Crystal Green shapes added to Ivory list
Minor errors–by both Roseville factory and author–have been corrected



Easy to use alphabetical arrangement, A to Z!
Shape lists based solely on factory documents
Values located right in the photo captions
Newly documented Roseville lines–not found in older books!
Closeup photographs of actual Roseville marks
Photographs of recent and older Roseville reproductions, including their fake marks
Tips for beginners, including side-by-side comparisons of confusing Roseville lines
Discussions of Trial Glazes & Experimentals,  
Similar Products by Other Potteries, Factory Flaws,  
Damage & Restoration, the Major U.S. Pottery Shows, & MORE!

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