A.E. Baggs for Cowan


Rare wheel-thrown, hand-carved, and hand-decorated example of Cowan Pottery. Using the Egyptian Blue glaze over Black engobe, Arthur E. Baggs had developed the Dry Point technique (most famously applied to the Jazz Bowl of Viktor Schreckengost) while still in Massachusetts, at his own Marblehead Pottery.

This piece is marked Cowan and also has hand-incised initials A.E.B. above the year 1927. That makes it predate the Jazz Bowl by 3-4 years. (Please see my article on the Jazz series in the Journal of the American Art Pottery Association for more details.)

Measures about 9.75″ t. x 6.75″ wide. The clay body is a grayish stoneware-like formula, heavier than the usual porcellanous Cowan Pottery clay body.


Excellent condition. Do note the small burst air bubbles in the glaze, which are not distracting. Part of the making of this piece, they demonstrate its experimental character. Ohio buyers must pay 8% sales tax.

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