June 30, 2019

After 19 years, I mark the next transition in my journey today, the end of my final semester as a full-time college professor. When George Cooper and I moved to Cleveland after spending 10 wonderful years in rural Iowa (living in a small town called Nevada, near Ames), we chose the city partly for its many colleges. We thought my decision to research and write books about American art pottery might open the door for teaching again. And it did!

Going forward, I’m thrilled to remain part-time faculty at the Cleveland Institute of Art, where R. Guy Cowan taught 90 years ago. And I’m still doing research for a heavily illustrated, book-length history of this amazing school.

Please don’t expect a regular blog. However, I’ll try to add a few words here now and then.

Meanwhile, I hope you enjoy the new web site, whose look is chiefly the work of the incredibly talented Mark Mazzuki, my friend and colleague. In addition to being the art editor of the JOURNAL of the American Art Pottery Association, Mark currently serves as the group’s President.